How Does It Work?

Our approach, from initial consultation to live lead generation.

Step-By-Step Campaign Process

Working with Big Wolf Marketing is simple and hassle free. We have a tried and tested approach that enables us to get the ball rolling right away and start generating new leads within days.

Our step-by-step campaign process means we can rapidly go from initial consultation call to live lead generation campaign seamlessly and without delay.

Contact us today to start generating more leads, more opportunities and more sales.


  • 1. Consultation Call

    We talk to you to best understand your business, your products and/or services and your telemarketing, lead generation & appointment setting goals.

  • 2. Campaign Briefing Questionnaire

    Following the consultation call we will send you a short but detailed pre-campaign briefing questionnaire. This further delves into your requirements and goals, and helps us to fully understand your product, service and what makes your business unique.

  • 3. Call Script & Lead Qualification Framework Creation

    Based on our consultation and your completed questionnaire, we will write a guide call script and pass this by you for approval. We will also draft a Lead Qualification Framework to help us qualify each lead to your exact criteria.

  • 4. Optional Data List Acquisition

    If you have calling and prospect data for the campaign, send it through. If not, we can source high quality data based on your exact target prospect criteria and ideal customer profile.

  • 5. LIVE Lead Generation Campaign

    Once we have everything in place including the lead qualification framework, approved script, and data list, we will activate the telemarketing lead generation or appointment setting campaign.

  • 6. Daily Feedback, Reporting & Campaign Statistics

    At the end of each daily session, you will receive comprehensive reporting to include all appointments recorded and scored, all leads and opportunities noted for action, and a full statistical breakdown of the campaign for that day, and the whole campaign to date. Throughout the duration of the campaign, you will ave full visibility and insight into the progress we are making and the ROI you are likely to achieve.

  • 7. Campaign Completion, Results, Review & ROI Check

    Upon completion of the campaign, we will provide a final campaign report with all leads and opportunities graded and listed. Will will review the project in it’s entirety, identify the ROI, and provide advice on the next steps.

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