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Telemarketing, Lead Generation & Appointment Setting

Big Wolf Marketing has worked with a number of national and international 3PL, warehousing, transport, logistics and freight forwarding solution providers to deliver high-ticket lead generation and appointment setting campaigns. We understand the value a reliable Transport & Logistics partner brings to their clients, and understand how trust is key to building a long-term partnership in this industry. We know how to promote the benefits of reliable transport and logistics partner, and how to quickly build trust in your brand. Further, we understand what it takes to identify, engage and nurture senior decision makers in order to encourage prospect engagement, qualify sales opportunities, and secure sales appointments.

We have vast experience targetting and engaging senior decion makers at various industries on behalf of our Transport & Logistics clients, including targetted campaigns focussed on FMCG, Manufacturers, Food Service, Beverage and more.

Our Telemarketing Expertise:

Cold Call Telemarketing, Lead Generation & Appointment Setting
Targeting a pre-defined list of businesses and prospects that fit your ideal customer profile, our cold call telemarketing, lead generation and appointment setting campaigns are designed to engage prospects for the first time in order to introduce them to your company, product or service. Our cold call campaigns are delivered with the primary goal of securing highly qualified sales opportunities and appointments with prospects who have shown an interest in investigating, trialling, purchasing or engaging your products or services. This is a great way to accelerate the sales cycle as we seek to identify hot sales ready opportunities (SQL’s), as well as building a pipeline of warm marketing qualified opportunities (MQL’s) that may have a longer sales timeline.

Warm Lead Qualification & Appointment Setting
Targeting warmer leads and prospects that you have likely already engaged through other marketing activities, our lead qualification campaigns are designed to further nurture and qualify your prospects in order to bring them to a sales ready state. The primary goal is to identify and secure highly qualified sales opportunities/sales appointments (SQL’s), quickly advancing your prospects through the sales cycle.

Live & On Demand Webinar/Event Registration
Approaching a pre-defined and highly targeted list of businesses and prospects that you would like to engage, our webinar/event registration campaigns are designed to capture a receptive audience who want listen, learn and engage with your organisation. In presenting an event with an educational topic of interest and/or a strong value-proposition, our webinar/event registration campaigns seek to build awareness, encourage engagment, and drive demand as you seek to help solve your prospects problems and challenges.

Asset Promotion
Our asset promotion campaigns are designed to engage and educate your target prospects. As we engage your target audience, we will identify interest and need in your product or service. This is a great way to build familiarity and trust in your brand, and will help identify potential opportunities early on. If you have a white papes, eBook or other marketing material that you want people to see, then this is a great way to go.

Prospect Lifecycle Management
Whether we start with a cold call approach or target warmer prospects that you’ve already engaged through other marketing activities, our tele projects can be tailored and delivered not only to seek immediate sales opportunities, but also with the goal of nurturing and developing leads over time. Our prospect lifecycle management campaigns will take your leads from first approach right through to sales qualified appointment, ensuring no opportunity is missed.

Transport & Logistics Telemarketing Quick Quote

Who Are We?

B2B Telemarketing Experts

Big Wolf Marketing Australia is a B2B telemarketing, lead generation and appointment setting agency based in Melbourne, Australia.

We specialise in new business growth and offer a number of services to help businesses gain more interest in their products or services, generate more leads, secure more sales opportunities, and close more deals.

Professionals in the field of B2B telemarketing, lead generation and business growth, Big Wolf Marketing are helping small and large businesses achieve their sales goals.

We are available for campaigns right across Australia, and work with clients from every state. We also provide telemarketing services for businesses in New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore & Hong Kong.

Here’s Why

A Winning, Flexible Strategy

  • Real time leads & appointments – boost your marketing and sales efforts
  • No set-up fees, quick implementation
  • No minimum term contracts, flexible schedules
  • Low rates, no hidden fees
  • Dedicated campaign manager
  • Full visibility with daily feedback & reporting
  • Gauge ROI with tangible results
  • Benefit from our lead generation experience and expertise
  • Australia based and operated

Some Of Our Clients

We’ve worked on 100’s of telemarketing lead generation campaigns. Here are just some of the many clients we’ve worked with.

Client Testimonials

Some words from some of our happy clients.

Big Wolf has completed a number of appointment setting projects for Lonergan, and are trusted to approach our historical client base and identify new prospects. James and his team provide a thorough and detailed approach from preparation to execution and really seek to understand what we are trying to achieve in each campaign. The work Big Wolf has completed for Lonergan has resulted in high quality leads and positive connections with our lapsed clients. We look forward to working with James and the Big Wolf team moving forward.

Big Wolf Marketing provided a great all-round service for Clutcher and I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for quality outbound services with transparent results. In terms of the volume of leads generated by their outbound service, my expectations were exceeded in the first week.

Big Wolf marketing have provided Compusoft with excellent service at very competitive rates.

It’s good for me to know there is someone working on generating new leads constantly.

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